Friends of 400 Christmas 2022
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You may purchase as many items as you would like, then combine all gifts into 4 (no more - no less) boxes.
Boxes can be any size – we want each child to receive exactly 4 boxes to unwrap. If possible, please wrap each box and put the child's name on each box.

Please drop off 4 boxes in a large bag to Huntsville West (3001 9th Avenue, Huntsville).
Thursday, December 8th thru Friday, December 9th anytime between 10 am – 7 pm.
We will have a volunteer outside to get presents out of your vehicle.
Remember - each child should have 4 boxes total (no more or less).
This insures that all children within a family have the same number of gifts to open.
Please wrap the 4 boxes and place into a large bag before dropping the gifts off at Huntsville West.
#1) Select the checkbox of the child(ren) you would like to adopt.
#2) Review your selected items and click the button below to export your child(ren)'s information.
#3) Correct your selections (if necessary) after viewing the exported information.
#4) Click submit after exporting your child's information.
Export Selected Child's Information Before Submit

Tax Receipts: All donations are tax deductible through the Friends of 400 Foundation. We will send you a tax receipt to the email registered here.
For questions please contact Shellie Mitchell - - 256-603-3395